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The People's Repertory Theatre

David Mamet’s confrontational drama from 1992, a two character battle royale with a benign surface. The play details a series of encounters between John, a professor on the verge of landing tenure, and Carol, a student on the verge of failing his class. It begins with a purely academic discussion, and culminates with a violent outburst over an accused sexual assault. A question posed as a play, about the dangers of language and the difficulties in communication that plague modern life.

Set & Lighting Design by Bradford D. Reissing
Costume Design by Willow Warren
Stage Manager: Stacy Sansky

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Romeo and Juliet

Eastern Oregon University

Though we know the tragedy of heartbreak lies ahead, like Romeo and Juliet, we have no choice but to ignore love's dark promise because we still desire to possess it. And desire it we do, with as much passion and ignorance as the central  characters in the play. This is where Romeo and Juliet possesses it's resonance: in the desire, the willingness to possess true love no matter how great the cost.

-From the Director's Notes

Set Design by Lyle Shwarz
Costume Design by Ashley McDonald
Lighting Design by Marc Smith & Matt Adams
Choreography by Beckie Thompson
Stage Combat Direction by April Curtis

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The Idiocy... whoops! Education of Modern Mankind

The People's Repertory Theatre

A devised protest piece on the changes in curriculum at SUNY schools, performed on the  quad of the university.

Featuring: Tom Vergason, Jessica Matthews, Jeanne Simonelli, Nyalls Hartman
Written by Nyalls Hartman
Props by Robert Mack.

Acting Directing Educator, Stage Director, Theatre Director, Meisner Technique, Theatre Professor, SDC Director,