Curriculum viTAe






          MEISNER ACTOR, ACTING           2017              True Acting Institute, Willamette University



          MASTER OF FINE ARTS              1992               Illinois State University, Theatre Directing  

          BACHELORS OF SCIENCE           1983               State University New York, Oneonta, Theatre     

          ASSOCIATE OF ARTS                  1979               Nassau Community College, Theatre Arts




      Master Teacher.  American Theatre Abroad.  Summer 2018 

Co-taught a 4-week Master Class for teachers and students in American Scene work: Acting, Analysis, and Approach. The program explored the methods and techniques currently practiced in American acting and actor training. Students trained in the studio 6 hours a day, 5 days a week and the Intensive culminated in two sets of final scenes for public performance.  


      Associate Professor, Department of Theatre.  2011 – Present  

      Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Theatre.  2012 – 2015

As Chair, I provided academic leadership for the Department of Theatre.   The Department facilitates 100 undergraduate students in three different degree programs: a BA in Theatre Studies, a BA in Design & Production and a BFA in Acting.  Consisting of 15 full time faculty and staff, the Department produces a 4-show production season.  

           •Led revision of the three curricula degree programs and the development of the new BA in Theatre Studies that included
               new  lock-step curriculum rotation schedules for all three degree programs to assist in increasing student persistence               toward graduation;
           •Led revision of student advising processes to assist in increasing student persistence toward graduation;
           •Designed and implemented the Department’s SB 740 Curriculum Sheets to ensure a student’s ability to graduate from               all three degree programs in four years; 
           •Designed and implemented a new Department student class registration procedure to simplify student enrollment now                  utilized throughout the University.  
           •Facilitated the Department’s transition into its new 170M Performing Arts Building that included: o Strategic Budget                      Planning resulting in a 100K increase in the Department’s base budget funding as well as ongoing annual funding for 

             maintenance of the Department’s two theatres, shops, and multiple teaching studios. o Strategic Personnel Planning

             resulting in three new full time faculty and staff lines.   

           •Led the development and implementation of multiple new daily operating processes and procedures;
           •Led the development of a new Season Selection and Planning Process and Production Season Models;
           •Designed and implemented the EPPOR1 Professional Development Funding opportunity and process for faculty.
           •Led the development and implementation of two Department web-based recruitment videos and oversaw the creation 
                   of a new recruitment brochure and webpage; 

           •Designed and implemented Studio 3, a student-directed, student-designed production format as part of the Department’s

             mainstage season;
           •Served as Producer for 10 Theatre productions;

           •Directed as part of the Department’s Main Stage Series;
           •Provided academic leadership and scheduled academic classes;

           •Oversaw day-to-day operations;
           •Budget planning and development (300k);

           •Program and University advocacy in the community;
           •Teaching within the Department’s curriculum: Directing, Acting, Drama Seminar, Theatre in Production.

      Associate Professor, Chair, Performing Arts.    2007 – 2010

As Chair, I provided academic leadership for the Department of Performing Arts.   The Department facilitated 75 undergraduate students in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Degree with concentrations in Dance and Theatre.  Consisting of 7 full time and 4 part time faculty the Department produced a 5-show production season with facilities in several venues.  


   •Revised the B.F.A. curriculums for the concentration in Theatre and Dance;

   •Strategic Planning resulting in the creation of new Department Mission, Vision, and Values Statements;

   •The creation of new Department Student Learning Objectives;

   •Initiation of Program and University Core Curriculum Assessment;

   •Revised student advising process and modified record keeping to assist in increasing student persistence toward                 graduation;
   •Designed and implemented a new DVD centered recruiting package targeted at 200 high school performing arts                   programs  across the state;               

   •Created and initiated the ‘Take-Your-Seat” Fundraising Campaign for the Burke Theatre;

   •Served as Producer for 12 Dance and Theatre productions;

           •Provide academic leadership and schedule academic classes;

           •Oversee day-to-day operations;
           •Budget planning and development (500k);

           •Administer scholarship program and coordinate student recruitment; 

   •Coordinate program and production promotion and marketing;
   •Program and University advocacy in the community;

           •Directed as part of the Department’s Main Stage Season;

           •Directed as part of the 2009 & 2010 Louisiana KC/ACTF State Conference;

           •Directed as part of the 2010 Region VI KC/ACTF Regional Conference ;

           •Teaching within the Department’s curriculum: Directing I & II, Theatre History I & II, Movement for the Actor I, Acting  III,                Contemporary Theatre, Special Topics in Theatre, Senior Project, Practicum. 

   NEWMAN UNIVERSITY    2001 – 2007

      Associate Professor, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities.   2002 – 2007 

As Founding Dean, I provided academic leadership of the School of Arts and Humanities.  The School housed the academic programs of Art, Communication, English, Humanities, Liberal Studies, Music, Pastoral Ministry, Philosophy, Spanish/Cultural Studies, Theatre, and Theology. In addition to facilitating general education requirements for the University’s 2,200 students, the School supported 250 majors and 53 minors.  Co-curricular programming in Art, English, Forensics, Journalism, Music, and Theatre leveraged the School as the University’s center for creative activity. The School was home to a faculty of 38 full-time and 23 part-time faculty.

           •Guided the university to a successful 10-year institutional reaccredidation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC);

           •Design of the University’s Five-Year Institutional Assessment Program;   
           •Leadership and strategic planning resulting in significant curricula revision and expansion;

                •The addition of a new Graphic Design Program;

                •The addition of a new Theatre Program (minor);

                •The addition of more than a dozen new faculty positions;

           •Development and implementation of School’s Strategic and Annual Action Plans;

           •Faculty recruitment, annual review, and development activities;

           •Budget planning and management with an annual budget of over $1,000,000;

           •Student recruitment and management of the Fine Arts Scholarship Program;

           •Manage day to day operations;

           •University liaison to the Higher Learning Commission;

           •Editor/Writer of the Newman University Self-Study;

           •Chair, Undergraduate Academic Council and Undergraduate Exceptions Committee;

   •Program and University advocacy in the community;

           •Perform duties of Director of Fine Arts & Cultural Programming.

     Associate Professor, Director of Fine Arts & Cultural Programming.   2001 - 2007

Revitalized and expanded the existing academic programs in Art (major) and Music (minor); led continued development of a new Theatre program (minor). Ran University’s Fine Arts Series and coordinated operations for the De Mattias Fine Arts Center.  The Fine Arts Series featured six musical and/or theatrical performances each season, an on-going speaker/lecture series, and eight gallery exhibitions per year.


           •Developed and implemented day-to-day operating protocols;

           •Established the academic office for the Fine Arts area and centralized academic records;

           •Designed and implemented new budget tracking systems;

           •Established building-use guidelines to facilitate student after-hours rehearsal studio use;

           •Developed communication tracks for improved functioning;

           •Initiated ticket sale procedures; hired staff;

           •Budget planning and management for academic and co-curricular programs with an annual budget of $500,000;

           •Development and implementation of The Fine Arts Series Season;

           •Program advocacy and community outreach;

           •Program assessment and development;

           •Faculty recruitment, annual review, and development initiatives;

           •Developed long-rage Strategic and Annual Action Plans for the Fine Arts Programs;

           •Developed Fine Arts Tuition Incentive Model;

           •Recruited students and managed Fine Arts Scholarship ($170K annually);

           •Managed day-to-day operations;

           •Served as Producer for 12 – 15 Art, Music, and Theatre events per year; 

           •Created, developed, and utilized The Fine Arts Advisory Board to assist in program growth, publicity, and fundraising;

           •Taught within the Department’s Theatre curriculum: Acting I, Contemporary Theatre, Directing, Theatre Practicum.



      Assistant Professor, Director of Theatre

Headed a program consisting of 10 faculty members and 70+ graduate and undergraduate students in 4 different degree concentrations: BA in Theatre, BFA in Performance, BFA in Technical Theatre, and an MA in Theatre. The Department produced a 12-show production season that included 4 Mainstage, 4 Second-stage, and 4 Reader’s Theatre productions.

           •Revitalized and strengthened the training and production programs;

           •Initiated curriculum and policy revision;
           •Redesigned production season to reduce faculty burnout and increase persistence toward graduation;

           •Developed artistic and academic program vision;

           •Provided academic leadership and scheduled academic classes;

           •Oversaw day-to-day operations;
           •Program advocacy and community outreach;

           •Budget planning and development (130k);

           •Coordinated student recruitment and administered Scholarship Program
           •Coordinated program and production promotion and marketing;

           •Mentored faculty;
           •Directed as part of the Department’s Main Stage Subscription Season;

           •Served as Producer for 12 show production season;

           •Taught within the Department’s curriculum: Acting I, Advanced Acting, Contemporary Theatre, Theatre Directing I,                    Performance Practicum.   


      Assistant Professor, Head of Directing Studio


           •Taught Department’s graduate and undergraduate directing curriculum;

           •Directed as part of the Department’s Main Stage Subscription Season;

           •Designed and implemented the Student Directing Studio and served as Studio Advisor;

           •Taught within the Department’s curriculum: Methods in Acting II, Acting Styles III, Theatre Directing I, II, & III, Studies in                     Directing, Theatre History I & II, Directing Studio Advisor, Performance Practicum.


      Assistant Professor, Term Appointment


           •Directed Romeo and Juliet as part of the Department’s Main Stage Subscription Season;

           •Taught within the Department’s curriculum: Acting III Auditioning, Acting VI Theory, Directing I, Introduction to Dramatic               Literature.





           •Directed Hair as part of the Department’s Main Stage Subscription Season;

           •Directed John Patrick Shanley’s Italian American Reconciliation for the Department’s Summer Stage Season; 
           •Taught within the Department’s curriculum: Acting I, Acting II, Creative Dramatics, Contemporary Theatre, Dramatic
               Presentation, ‘Ritual, Myth, Performance, & Spirit’, Theatre Appreciation, Theatre History I & II. 


         The Amish Project by Jessica Dickey.  (Upcoming)  The Munich Film Akademie. Munich, Germany  2020.

           Dead Man's Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl.  University of Maryland Baltimore County.  2018.


           Proof  by David Auburn.  University of Maryland Baltimore County.  2016.

          Voracious by Susan McCully.  University of Maryland Baltimore County.  2015.

           These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich.  University of Maryland Baltimore County.  2015.

           Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl.  University of Maryland Baltimore County.  2013.

           The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman & Tectonic Theatre.  University of Maryland Baltimore County.  2011.

           Stop Kiss by Diana Son. KC/ACTF Louisiana State Conference. University of New Orleans. 2010.

           Stop Kiss by Diana Son.  University of Louisiana, Lafayette.  2010.

           Noises Off! by Michael Frayn.  KC/ACTF Region VI Regional Conference. Amarillo College. 2010.

           Noises Off! by Michael Frayn. KC/ACTF Louisiana State Conference. Dillard University. 2009

           Noises Off! by Michael Frayn.  University of Louisiana, Lafayette.  2009.

           The Living by Anthony Clarvoe.  University of Louisiana, Lafayette.  2008.

           Imposters by Justin Warner.  Wichita State University.  2000.

           Light Up The Sky by Moss Hart.  University of Kentucky.  1999.

           Voices by Sean McCloud & Nyalls Hartman.  New York Institute of Dance.  Auburn, New York. July 1999.

           Mother Courage by Bertolt Brecht.  University of Kentucky.  March 1999.

           Noises Off! by Michael Frayn.  Leatherstocking Theatre Company.  Cooperstown, New York. 1998.

           Far From Home: The Oregon Trail by Nyalls Hartman.  Hanger Theatre.  Ithaca, New York. 1998.

           Far From Home: The Underground Railroad by Nyalls Hartman.  Hanger Theatre.  Ithaca, New York.  1998.

           The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abd. by RSC.  Leatherstocking Theatre Company.  Cooperstown, New York.  1997.

           Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare.  Eastern Oregon University.  May 1997.

           Oleanna by David Mamet.  The People’s Repertory Theatre.  Oneonta, New York.  March 1996.

           The Idiocy...Education of Modern Humankind by Nyalls Hartman.  The People’s Repertory Theatre.  Oneonta, New York.   1995.

           The Pajama Game by Abbott, Bissell, Adler, Ross.  Orpheus Theatre.  Oneonta, New York. 1995.

           Hair by Gerome Ragni’s & et al. State University New York, Oneonta.  1994.

           Italian American Reconciliation by John Patrick Shanley.  SUCO Summer Dinner Theatre. Oneonta, New York.  1992.

           A Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O’Neil.  Heartland Theatre Company.  Normal, IL. 1992.

           A Scrap Of Paper by Victorian Sardou. Illinois State University.  1991.

           Rough For The Theatre I by Samuel Beckett.  Illinois State University.  1990.

           A Shayna Maidel by Barbara Lebow.  Illinois State University.  1990.



2014 – 2015 Season.    
    •Nora.  Ingmar Bergman.

    •The Game of Love and Chance.  Marivaux.

    •These Shining Lives.  Melanie Marnich.

    •Leah’s Dybbuk.  Susan McCully.

2013 – 2014 Season.    
    •Criminals in Love.  George Walker.

    •Gum.  Karen Hartman.

    •Eurydice.  Sarah Ruhl.

    •Kid Simple: A Radio Play.  Jordan Harrison.

2012 – 2013 Season.    
    •3-D: Diversity, Disparity, Dialogue.  A. Kreizenbeck.

    •Fabulous Presto.  Colette Searls.

    •Two Gentlemen of Verona.  William Shakespeare.


2009 – 2010 Season.    
    •State of LA Danse.

    •An Evening of Dance.

    •Good Thing.  Jessica Goldberg.

    •The Shape of Things.  Neil LaBute.

    •Noises Off.  Michael Frayn.

    •Beyond Therapy. Christopher Durang.

    •The Birthday Dinner.  Brian Egland.

2008 – 2009 Season.    
    •State of LA Danse.

    •An Evening of Dance.

    •Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.  Alan Ball.

    •The Living.  Anthony Clarvoe.

2007 – 2008 Season.    
    •State of LA Danse.

    •An Evening of Dance.

    •The Laramie Project.  Moises Kaufman.

    •How I Learned To Drive.  Paula Vogel.

    •Closer.  Patrick Marber.  


2006 – 2007 Season.  Voices of America: Amber Waves of Grain.  
    •War/Peace & The Anatomy of Being Human.  Kenny Carnes.

    •Live From The Front.  Jerry Quickley.

    •Staggering Toward America.  Rik Reppe.

    •Harlem Gospel Choir.

    •Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies.

    •Aftermath, Understanding, & Human Responsibility.

    •Social Conscience: Is Anybody Listening.  Literary Festival & Symposium.

    •We The People(s): Defining A National Identity.  Symposium.

    •From the Mountains to the Prairies.  Ed Pointer & Wilber Elsea.

    •Matthew Hilyard: Acrylics.  Matthew Hilyard.

    •Postcards from Savannah.  Diane Tigue.

    •David Long: Ceramics.  David Long.

    •Conrad Snider: Large Scale Ceramics.  Conrad Snider.

    •Newman University Faculty, Staff, & Student Exhibit.

    •Semana Santa Photography Show.  Sonja Wagner.

    •America The Beautiful: Contemporary Works by Native American Artists.  Multiple Artists

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Lights, Camera, Music.  Chorale & Troubadours.

2005 – 2006 Season.  You Can See The World From Here.  
    •Ailey II.  Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

    •The Vienna Choir Boys.

    •Dead Man Walking: Theatre, Social Change, Prison Ministry, and the Death Penalty.  Symposium.

    •Wars of the World.  Literary Festival & Symposium:

    •Preludes. Poetry of the Sheridan Edwards Review.

    •Humanities Conference.  Newman University Student Scholarly Journal.

    •High School Art Instructors Exhibit.  

    •The Colors of Tiffany.

    •Rosemary Dugan: Pastels.  Rosemary Dugan.

    •Regina Burcholz, ASC.  Regina Burcholz.

    •The Lost Prints of Wendell H. Black.  Wendell H. Black.

    •Sculpture Exhibit.  Local and Regional Artists.

    •“Low, Medium, High” A Ceramic Show.  Dan Gegen, Heather Meads, Chris Arnesdorf.

    •Invitational Watercolor Exhibit.

    •Dead Man Walking.  Tim Robbins.  Newman Theatre.

    •Student Directed One Acts.  Newman Theatre.

    •Sherlock’s Last Case.  Charles Morowitz.  Newman Theatre.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Winter Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.  

2004 – 2005 Season.  Educating the Mind.  Inspiring the Spirit.  
    •Flamenco Vivo.  Carlota Santana.

    •Ethos Percussion Group.

    •Ladysmith Black Mamabazo.

    •Demo Man.  Marc Bosworth.

    •Ann Zerger: Sculpture.  Ann Zerger.

    •Wright Wear.  Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit.

    •Greg Parker: Paintings.  Greg Parker.

    •Dan Jenkins: Liturgical Print Show.  Dan Jenkins.

    •On The Edge: Bowls & Animals We Have Known & Loved.  Ceramics Show.

    •Some Art Sem Antics.  Victor Rose.

    •The Art of Emprise.  Private Art Collection, Emprise Bank.

    •Matt Kelleher/Ceramics.  Matt Kelleher.

    •A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.  William Shakespeare.  Newman Theatre.

    •Moon Over Buffalo.  Ken Ludwig.  Newman Theatre.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Winter Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Great American Songbook.  Chorale & Troubadours.

2003 – 2004 Season.  Unity: One Vision, World Views.
    •Drum Drum.  Tribal Music, Rhythm, & Dance of Papua, New Guinea.

    •Scrap Arts.  Percussion Ensemble.  Vancouver, BC.

    •TAMA.  Music of West Africa.

    •Children of Uganda: Tour of Light.

    •Tango New York! 

    •California Guitar Trio.  

    •Some Art Sem Antics.  Victor Rose.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Holiday Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Winter Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

2002 – 2003 Season.  A New Way To Look At The Arts.  

    •Moscow Boys Choir.  

    •Peking Opera.

    •Renaissance Faire Concert.

    •Moliere Than Thou.  Timothy Mooney.

    •Plaid Family Reunion Concert.

    •Renaissance Faire Masquerade Ball.

    •An Organ Celebration.  Carole Pracht.

    •The Giving Tree & Other Stories.  Little Theatre of the Deaf.

    •The Schumann Intrigue.  Karen Kushner.

    •Music of the American Experience.  Anthony Brown.

    •Adjusting Your Vision: Photography.  Photography.

    •Newman Teaching Artists. 

    •Art For Gifts: Invitational Holiday Exhibit.

    •Domestic Plastic.  Maggie Rozycki Hiltner.

    •Manual for a New Millennium.  Ann Resnick.

    •Some Art Sem Antics.  Victor Rose.

    •Zoomin Newman Invitational.  Student Exhibit.

    •Renaissance Faire Exhibit:

    •Newman University Student Exhibit.

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •Home Chorale Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.  

2001 – 2002 Season.  Inaugural Fine Arts Series.  
    •Therese, Story of a Soul. Anonymous.

    •Henry V.  Shenandoah Shakespeare.

    •St. Joan.  Shenandoah Shakespeare.

    •Fine Arts & Catholic Tradition.  Lecture.  Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

    •The Blues & American Culture: Education & Community.  Symposium.

    •Black Literary Heritage of Kansas.  Dr. John Edgar Tidwell. 

    •Preludes. Poetry of The Sheridan Edwards Review.

    •Humanities Conference.  Newman University Student Scholarly Journal.

    •Multiple Impressions: Native Americans & Print.

    •The Newman Creative Process.  Alumni Art Exhibit.

    •Picturing Faith: Religious America in Government Photography, 1935 - 1943.

    •Golden Weaves of Grain.  Kansas Straw Artists.

    •Newman University Student Exhibit. 

    •Fall Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.

    •A Carol In Winter.  Chorale & Troubadours.  

    •Home Chorale Concert.  Chorale & Troubadours.  

Acting Directing Educator, Stage Director, Theatre Director, Meisner Technique, Theatre Professor, SDC Director,


  •“The Critical Role of Theatre in the National Community.”  Theatre Salon Panel  Moderator. University of Maryland Baltimore 

  County.  October 26, 2013 


  •“The Changing Role and Challenges Facing the Arts in Higher Education.” Paper Presentation.  Utah State University.  

  February 18, 2011  


  •“Considerations in Presenting Mission Centered International Arts Programming.” In Conversation: International Panel

  Symposium.  Panel Participant.  Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Ottawa, Ontario.  June 11, 2007 


    •“Staggering Toward America: We the People(s)…” Defining a National Identity: National Symposium, Newman University. 

    Panel  Moderator.  November 17, 2006 


  •“Live from the Front Lines: Is Anybody Listening?” National Symposium, Newman University. Panel Moderator. 

  October 27, 2006  


  •“War/Peace & the Anatomy of Being Human: Aftermath, Understanding, & Human Responsibility.” National Symposium, 

  Newman  University. Panel Moderator.  September 15, 2006 


    •“Dead Man Walking: Theatre, Social Change, Prison Ministry, and the Death Penalty.” National Symposium, Newman 

    University. Panel Moderator.  October 7, 2005   


  •“Social Conscience and the American Theatre as seen in the ideas, approaches and works of Bertolt Brecht and the Living 

  Theatre.”  Paper Presentation. Social Conscience and the Theatre: National Symposium, Newman University.  February 18, 2001 


  •“Up-dating: Reversing Historification in the ‘90’s.” Mother Courage & Her Children: Inter-departmental Panel Discussion.  Paper 

  Presentation.  The University of Kentucky.  March 4, 1999


  •“Hair: Darkness at the end of the Tunnel.” Paper Presentation. Faculty Symposium, State University of New York, Oneonta. 

  April 13, 1994 


  •“Rough for the Theatre I - This Director’s Look.” Paper Presentation. Directors and Critics: National Symposium on Samuel

  Becket, Illinois State University.  October 5, 1990 




  •“Strengths, Weaknesses, and Approaching Re-accreditation.” Paper Presentation. Community Meeting, Newman University.   

  September 27, 2006  

  •“Outlining the Newman University Self-Study Process.” Paper Presentation.  Fall Institute, Newman University. August 22, 2006 


  •August 23, 2005 “PEAQ Accreditation and Newman University’s Self-Study Process.” Paper Presentation. Fall Institute,   

  Newman University.  

•“The Higher Learning Commission, PEAQ Accreditation, and Newman University.” Paper Presentation. Fall Institute, 

  Newman University.  August 24, 2004 

  •“My Life in Art?” Department Round-table.  Paper Presentation. The University of Kentucky.  September 15, 1998 

  •“Cloud 9, A Critique of the Performance.”  Paper Presentation. Director’s Forum, Illinois State University.  November 4, 1991  

  •“Why am I Afraid to Love.”  Paper Presentation.  Director’s Forum, Illinois State University.  September 9, 1991 



   •2017 - 2020  Fulbright Specialist.

   •2013 Award for Excellence in Directing & Ensemble Acting, Voracious, Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.

   •2011 Award for Excellence in Directing & Ensemble Acting, The Laramie Project, Kennedy Center/American College Theatre  


   •2010 Award for Excellence in Ensemble Acting, Stop Kiss, Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.

   •2010 Awards for Excellence in Theatre Production including: Directing & Ensemble Acting, Noises Off!, Kennedy 

    Center/American College Theatre Festival, Region VI Festival.

   •2009 Awards for Excellence in Theatre Production including: Directors’ Choice, Respondent’s Choice, Directing & Ensemble    

    Acting, Noises Off!, Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival, Louisiana State Festival.

   •2007 Special Institutional Achievement Award.  Newman University.   


   •2006 Five-Year Dedicated Service Award.  Newman University.

   •1993 Theatrical Critic Award, A Moon for the Misbegotten, Heartland Theatre Company


   •2013 - $6,000. SRAIS Award. Studies in Directing.  UMBC.


   •2012 - $6,000. SRAIS Award. Eurydice in Production. UMBC.

   •2009 - $108,000. STEP Grant, University of Louisiana, Lafayette.  “ETC Dimmer Rack and Ethernet Lighting System for Burke 

    Hall Theatre Laboratory Studio Space.”

   •2000 - $4,000.  ARCS Faculty Research Grant, Wichita State University.  “The Changing elements of language, image

    performative techniques in alternative theatre performance.”



  As Workshop Director/Dramaturg-in-Residence, I conducted workshop rehearsals designed to facilitate the creation of

  dramatic action, subject matter, and dialogue during the process of devising, writing, and directing the collaborative musical 



Production Director  
  The Leatherstocking Theatre is a non-profit theatre company located in Cooperstown, New York.  Its three-show summer

  season utilized union and non-union actors, directors, designers, stage-managers, and stagehands.  I directed the sold out

  productions of Noises Off! and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abd.



  Member in the Artist-in-Education program.  Designed theatre workshops within the Ithaca School District.  Pursuit of character,

  creative drama, and playwriting.  Wrote and directed Far From Home: The Oregon Trail and The Underground Railroad, based on

  the workshop exploration.


Founding Artistic Director 

  The People’s Repertory Theatre Company formed in 1995 with the intention of producing theatre wrought with meaning and

  designed to provoke, inspire, and connect its audience with pertinent, universal life issues which challenge and redefine the

  ethos of the community. Wrote and directed The Idiocy...Education of Modern Humankind and David Mamet’s Oleanna.


Production Director  

  The Orpheus Theatre is a non-profit theatre company located in Oneonta, New York.  Its year-round season utilized union and

  non-union actors, directors, designers, stage-managers, and stagehands.  Professional artists work side by side with local

  volunteers to provide the community with theatre of the highest quality.  Directed The Pajama Game.


Production Director  

  The Heartland Theatre is a non-profit theatre company located in Normal, Illinois.  Its four-show season utilized professional

  artists and community volunteers to provide the community with theatre of the highest quality.  Directed A Moon for the





University of Maryland Baltimore County

    •2012 – 2015  Chair, Department of Theatre

    •2012 – 2015 Member, Dean’s Chairs & Directors Committee  

    •2012 – 2015 Member, Provost’s Academic Department Chairs Committee

    •2015 Member, Lecturer- Costume Shop Supervisor Search Committee

    •2014 – Present  Facilitator, Peace@ UMBC Meditation

    •2012 – Present Member, Season Selection & Planning Committee

    •2013 Member, CAHSS CIRCA Director Search Committee

    •2013 Member, CAHSS Dean Search Committee

    •2012 Member, PAHB Facilities Manager Search Committee

    •2011 – Present Member, BFA Performance Faculty Committee

    •2011 – Present  Member, Curriculum Committee

    •2011 – Present  Member, Phi Beta Delta – International Honor Society

University of Louisiana, Lafayette
    2007 – 2010

            •Chair, Department of Performing Arts

            •Chair, Department of Performing Arts Curriculum Committee  

            •Chair, Department of Performing Arts Student Handbook Committee  

            •Chair, Search Committees (7 Searches)  

            •Member, Department Heads & Directors Committee  

            •Member, College of the Arts’ Dean’s Management Team  

            •Member, Council on Teacher Education Committee

    2008 – 2010

            •Department of Performing Arts SACS Assessment Committee

            •Member, University SACS IT Affinity Committee    

            •Member, Phi Beta Delta – International Honor Society  

            •Member, Alpha Psi Omega – Theatre Honor Society  

            •Faculty Advisor, Alpha Psi Omega – Theatre Honor Society  

            •Member, Advisory Board, Lafayette High School Arts Academy

Newman University
     2002 – 2007 

            •Dean, College of Arts & Humanities  

            •Director of Fine Arts & Cultural Programming

            •Member, President’s Administrative Council

            •Member, University Deans’ Council

            •Chair, University Undergraduate Academic Council

            •Chair, University Undergraduate Exceptions Committee

            •Member, University Institutional Fees Committee    

            •Member, Wichita Mayor’s Vision 20/20 Task Force

    2001 – 2007 

            •Director of Fine Arts & Cultural Programming

            •Chair, Search Committees (20+ Searches)  

            •Member, Plains Presenter’s Consortium

    •Member, Midwest Arts Alliance

    •Member, Association of Performing Arts Presenters

Wichita State University
    2000 – 2001 

            •Director, Department of Theatre

            •Member, University Graduate Faculty Committee  

            •Member, CFA Budget and Personnel Planning Committee  

            •Chair/Member, Costume Shop Supervisor Search Committee  

            •Chair/Member, Technical Director Search Committee

The University of Kentucky
    1998 – 2000  

            •Head, Directing Studio    

            •Member, Graduate Committee    

            •Member, Fine Arts Curriculum Committee

            •Member, Department of Theatre Curriculum



2003 – 2009 

             The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

As a Certified Consultant-Evaluator and member of the Peer Review Corps for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, I served as an AQIP Systems Appraiser, Strategy Forum Facilitator, Vital Focus Facilitator, and Quality Checkup Reviewer, reviewing, assessing, and assisting institutions of higher education engaged at various stages of the accreditation and systems improvement process.


AQIP Quality Check-up Visit Facilitator         

•Ohio University, Lakeshore Technical College.  

AQIP Vital Focus Facilitator                     

•North Hennepin Community College, Iowa Western Community College.  

AQIP Strategy Forum Facilitator                     

•Friends University, Heartland Community College, Iowa Western Community College, Kishwaukee College, Metropolitan Community College, Michigan Technological University, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Mineral Area Technical College, North Central State College, Northwest Missouri State University, Northwestern Michigan College.  


AQIP Systems Appraiser                     

•Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, Lakeshore Technical College, Central Arizona College.  

2007 – 2010 

             Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region VI   Louisiana State Vice-Chair.  


KC/ACTF is a national theatre program involving colleges and universities nationwide as a catalyst for improving the quality of college theatre at more than 600 academic institutions throughout the United States. Through professional peer review, KC/ACTF honors excellence in theatre production and offers student artists individual recognition through awards and scholarships in playwriting, acting, criticism, directing, and design.  


•SDC Directing Initiative Panel Respondent: Eurydice, Machinal, The Shape of Things, In the Blood.  KC/ACTF Region II Festival Conference, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

•Director’s Forum Facilitator: Parking Lot Babies & The Woman in Black.  KC/ACTF Region VI Louisiana State Conference, University of New Orleans.

•Director’s Forum Facilitator: Eurydice, Queen of the Mist, Gross Indecency.  KC/ACTF Region VI Texas II State Conference, San Community


•Actor’s Forum Facilitator: Spunk, Twelfth Night, Two Rooms.  KC/ACTF Region VI Louisiana State Conference, Southeastern Louisiana University.

•Irene Ryan Award Competition Semi Finals Respondent. KC/ACTF Region VI Festival Conference, Sam Houston State University.   


•Region VI Production Respondent: Stepping Out!, Louisiana College; Crowns, Dillard University; I Love You/Change, Missouri Tech; A Moon for the Misbegotten, University New Orleans; Viet Nam 101, Northwest Oklahoma State University; Three Sisters, Oklahoma City University.


                 •2017 – 2020 Fulbright Specialist Roster.  World Learning Organization. 

                 •2008 – Present Executive Board, Popular Music Research LTD.  

                 •1998 – Present Member, Stage Directors and Choreographers  

                 •1998 – 2012 Member, Association for Theatre in Higher Education  

                 •2001 – 2007 Member, Plains Presenter’s Consortium  

                 •2001 – 2007 Member, Midwest Arts Alliance
                 •2001 – 2007 Member, Association of Performing Arts Presenters



                 •2017  Meisner Teacher Certification Training

                 •2007  AQIP Quality Check-up Facilitator Training     

                 •2006  AQIP Vital Focus Facilitator Training     

                 •2005  AQIP Strategy Forum Facilitator Training       

                 •2005  PEAQ Consultant Evaluator & Peer Reviewer Training  

                 •2004  AAHE/HLC Student Learning Assessment Training    

                 •2004  AQIP Systems Appraiser Training     

                 •2003  PEAQ Consultant Evaluator & Peer Reviewer Training  

                 •2003  AQIP Consultant Evaluator & Peer Reviewer Training